Artist Statement

Most of my work springs from rhythm and movement and is visualized on the mural tiles and my ceramic art in general. 

My education and past in dance, music and choreology continues in a new art form, one that reflects the expression of the human body and the evident placement of a classically trained ballet dancer. The working process, the fascination, the fact of being asked, is of a moment based on a rich and colorful past, it is a dialogue and it is always, the new performance.


In all of Jurg’s work, a lyrical aesthetic and a uniquely personal style is recognized and reflect his interest and passion for dance.

Lanzrein captures his art by reaching into his past in a meaningful way. Having been a classical ballet dancer and assisting George Balanchine
in the New York City Ballet, movement is his source of inspiration.

The chorographical score on this page illustrates the abstraction of three dimensions (from dancers) into two dimensions on paper precisely recording their steps and movements. Lanzrein interprets that movement into art. This art takes the form of a one of a kind mural tile. This process plays a large role in all his work.