Jurg Lanzrein was born in Switzerland, studied Dance and became a professional Ballet Dancer with major European Ballet Companies.

In 1973 after studying Choreology under its Inventor Rudolph Benesh in London, he received the highest Royal Academy of Dance President’s Award, (FI CHOR),¬†Fellowship of the Institute of Choreology. He settled in New York and assisted George Balanchine at the New York City Ballet during the Stravinsky Festival. In 1976 his Interest turned to Ceramic Design and he worked for Tiffany and Co. where his production was prominently featured in The New Tiffany Table Settings, published by Doubleday & Co. In 1992 he joined the Western Connecticut State University Art Department as an Associate Professor in Ceramics and 3 dimensional Design. His Artwork has been extensively exhibited in the USA and Europe.